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What is easy2survey?

Easy2survey is the first online research platform that has been set up to provide companies with the answers to many common questions in a fast and economical way. Easy2survey makes it possible to answer all your business-critical questions from advertising, testing, campaign evaluation, concept ideas or pack design to customer satisfaction, awareness, image and usage. Research projects can be started within 5 minutes and feedback is received within 24 hours. The methods used are based on a wealth of market research experience and scientific research.

How do I start a research project via easy2survey?

Research can be started in 2 ways, both aimed at making things as easy as possible:

        1. Using the online platform. A simple briefing form has been developed for each survey and after answering just a few questions the appropriate survey can be started.
        2. By contacting an account manager and doing it together. This can be achieved within several minutes.

How can I get an existing survey standardised by easy2survey?

Various consultants are available to help you standardise the current survey. We conduct a step by step process with a cost-efficient objective to be able to test everything. Research is often unnecessarily expensive and complex. It goes without saying that the customer’s wishes are included and processed in this standardisation.

Can I create my own questions?

The research products of easy2survey are comprehensive and complete. We used various scientific insights during the development of these products. Yet, there is always the possibility of customising the survey according to the wishes of the client. There are several research experts available who can help develop and fine-tune these questions.

What sort of reporting do I receive?

The reporting is simple. We have, based on considerable scientific research, determined which aspects are important and how you should read the results. In addition, we provide the possibility to analyse all results. The reporting is made up of 2 aspects:

        1. A scorecard containing the most important results to determine whether the advertisement is good enough. This scorecard is based on a plethora of scientific research and has already selected for you what is important and what is not. The reading guide helps you to understand and interpret the results. This reading guide also contains several scenarios which can be taken into account in the interpretation.
        2. Online access to all questions of the research, broken down by gender and age (if possible). With this dashboard, you can quickly delve deep in order to understand all aspects of the research. A research expert is always available to explain by telephone what the report contains and how it should be read.

In which countries can I conduct research projects with easy2survey?

Easy2survey has research experience in almost every country in the world. As long as internet penetration is high enough, we can conduct research projects in virtually every country in the world! Currently we are already performing research projects in more than 40 countries.

Is everything delivered within 24 hours?

Yes. The results are available within 24 hours of receiving all the material that is needed for the research project.

What does a survey cost?

Easy2survey made a selection of many common marketing issues. A questionnaire has been developed based on considerable experience supplemented with scientific insights. The same applies to the reporting. This process is completely standardised and automated. Thanks to all the thought put in in advance, extensive consultancy is not necessary. This means we can keep the costs very low. You can find a detailed overview of the costs per product on this website.

Can I obtain a volume discount?

Easy2survey was created with the idea that everything should be tested, quickly and economically. This means it is possible to save expenses, but it is also possible to conduct more research projects for the same budget. We would be pleased to calculate for you what you could save if you performed for example 100 tests or more with us. We would also be pleased to see how we could standardise your research.

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Is there always someone available for support?

At easy2survey, most processes are automated. But in order to guarantee the best possible quality, our research experts conduct quality checks in the background at each step within the process. This way, you are always assured of quality and someone you can contact in case of any questions you might have during the process. Our research experts are available during office hours.

Can I programme a questionnaire myself?

No, that is not necessary. Making a questionnaire is more than jotting down a few questions in Word; it is about finding the right technique for asking questions. Easy2survey therefore works with research products developed in advance to answer many common questions. There are questionnaires for various issues that have been created from the combination of years of experience and scientific research. This way, you are assured of quality without needing any knowledge about making questionnaires!

Can I add a question to for example a Pre-Test TV?

Of course! You can add up to 5 additional questions to the product you have selected.

If you have a questionnaire which you use regularly, you can contact us for the possibility of standardising your questionnaire. Contact our sales team via


In which countries can I have research performed by easy2survey?

Easy2survey has experience in almost every country in the world. As long as internet penetration is high enough, we can conduct research in virtually every country in the world!

Where do your online panels come from?

We use a combination of our own panels and carefully selected partner panels. This way, we always have access to your target group(s). The composition of the panel and the diversity of panel members is crucial for offering representative samples. That is why:

        • We recruit from various sources and in various ways (offline and online)
        • We offer communities for diverse target groups
        • We reward participants in various ways (based on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation)

Our (partner) panels are ISO certificated and all affiliated to ESOMAR and meet the 28 demands made for panels.

Which target groups can I reach with easy2survey?

Essentially all target groups! You can make selections on age and gender, but customised target groups are also possible.

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